About Scott Light

I still remember that day, I was 11, it was in the summer of 1971. I went to a neighbors garage sale and found the treasure of a lifetime, my first camera, I think I paid 2 dollars for it. It felt good in my hands. I had no idea I was experiencing the most pivotal moment in my life... My first paying job was in 1976. My photography funded my high school years. One could say, I have 45 years experience but I prefer to keep it real. It was 1989 when I made the move to professional.


I consider myself to be one of the fortunate few who love their profession. Photography has opened up many doors and has allowed me to experience things that I would not have done otherwise.


My philosophy towards photography is simple and straight forward. Photography without personal attitude. My strength is, I grasp the big picture concept quickly.

I'll help you assess your project and determine the best solution to achieve the best results for the lowest cost for you.